Monday, March 9, 2009

Life Goes...and Goes...

Whew! We sure have been busy the last couple of weeks.

We had a visit from my sister and her family for a gymnastics meet here. My brother-in-law flew in at the same time Mr. TD returned from a business trip, and my sister and the kids came in the night before. We had a fun, short weekend visit and are looking forward to many more since they will be staying down here for another 3-5 years. Yay! I know my kids are thrilled...they just adore their cousins. The cousins are great too considering the age difference. They are very tolerant of the younger games, and are so sweet and thoughtful of Princess TD and Little TD.

We decided to go camping for our anniversary trip later this month. We finally decided to rent a was so exciting...but we had to cancel the trailer! Mr. TD's truck is not cooperating. It has decided that after 10 years, it should be "retired" so we are now in the market for a new tow vehicle. So, we will be camping in our tent for our trip instead of living it up in a camper! Please pray for rain between now and then so we can have a campfire...but it must stop before we leave so we don't get soaked!

School is going great. Princess TD is reading so well. She is still a little hesitant, I think because she prefers to be read to, but we are making great progress and she is not only reading her actual reading lessons, but also the other lessons as well. She's not quite taking off reading books on her own, but she's close. Her math is going well too. We moved up to the Singapore 1A book in December, and she's doing awesome. She's not a big fan of the handwriting lessons, but she loves to write notes and letters to everyone she meets. Little TD is enjoying his school too. We have slowed down in his book lessons and have just been working on finding letters, numbers and colors in our world as we live our life.

Mr. TD is back into his traveling schedule and adjusting to his new role with the company. We have become accustomed to him being home, so the last couple of trips have been a little more difficult on us all. We love our family time.

Spring has arrived and we are loving every minute of the great weather! We have planted flowers, spread the mulch and prepared for spring. Our azaleas are about to bloom. Now we're just waiting for the bluebonnets to be just right so we can take our annual pictures.

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