Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summer Fun

I can remember as a kid how much fun it was riding my bike through the sprinklers! It was always fun and refreshing in the summer heat.

Princess TD took the opportunity to ride through our neighbors sprinkler on her bike...

After Little TD saw her ride through giggling all the way, he wanted to try. Being the good big sister that she is, Princess TD took the opportunity to "teach" him how to ride through (read: "Mommy said I could go through once, but if I "teach" my brother how to do it, I can ride through again!"). So, she said, "Little TD, this is how you do it. Just ride through. But be careful."

Little TD followed right along, and loved every second of it!

You've got to love crazy kids having fun in the sprinklers! They love riding their bikes and posing for pictures!

Don't you just love the fashions of a 5 year old??? At least she holds true to her birthday colors, minus the pink sandals of course!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let Me Show You

This morning as my sweet children were finishing breakfast, Princess TD was looking out the window admiring a "baby" bird. Little TD wanted to see and made a loud noise which scared the bird away. They began discussing where birds live, and then Princess TD said, "Let me show you." I was wondering what she was going to do, so I tiptoed around the other way into the kitchen to grab the camera, and watched.

A few years ago, we participated in a preschool file folder game swap. I want to say that it was around the time that Little TD was born. We got some good games, and some not so good games, but we definitely have some favorites. The first one we received was one that had you match an animal to their home. This is the one that Princess TD pulled out this morning! We haven't used these in a very long time! I was impressed she remembered, but she began teaching Little TD what she knew about the animals and where they lived.

When she got to the frog, she retold parts of the story The Adventures of Grandfather Frog that we read for school.
It is days like today that I am encouraged that homeschooling is the right thing for our family!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Happy Mother's Day

Over the past several years, we have camped with friends for Mother's Day weekend. There have been a couple of exceptions, but we try to go when we can. Usually it's not too hot yet and it's peaceful and relaxing. This year, Mr. TD remembered a past trip where the Hershey's Kisses my kids gave me, melted waiting for Mother's Day, so he had the kids give them to me early. I think they just really wanted to have chocolate just before bed!

We had an adventure this year! We had talked about camping, but just didn't decide on where, or with who. We tried to get some other friends to go, but they had other things (like a wedding...the nerve!) going on this weekend, so we thought about going on our own. Well, it seems Mr. TD was leaving it up to me to make the reservation, and I didn't. So we didn't have a place to go for sure. On Tuesday night I was visiting with our trailer camping friends, and they suggested we go with them to Cagle Recreational Area in New Waverly. Mrs. F said that her dad, Mr. R, was going up early, and he could keep an eye out for a walk up site for us. Mr. TD said let's do it!

I started organizing and preparing to camp. We have everything down that we need, and our "kitchen" is always packed and stocked after each trip. So on Wednesday night, we pulled everything from the attic. Thursday I did the grocery shopping and packed all of the clothes, bedding and toiletries we needed. I was pretty much packed and ready to go, and then called Mr. R. There were NO sites available! When they went on Wednesday morning, there were only 2 walk-ups left and they were taken by them and someone who followed them in. Man...I should have prepared better! Mr. TD and I had planned to pack the van so that I could leave on Friday morning to set up camp and get us a site. Well, since there were none available...we just went to bed.

Early on Friday morning, Mrs. F called and said that her dad had just called and that there was a site open. We had just finished getting dressed for the day, so we piled a few things into the van, and headed up to the campground. We got there in about an hour. They wouldn't let us have the site until 2 pm...check-in time. GRRRRR! The walk-up sites are first come, first serve, so we wanted to be there EARLY! There were 2 sites open. They wouldn't let us get the site, but told us it would go fast....yeah...that's why I was there when I was there! So we drove back to the house to get the rest of the gear. I packed up the van, stopped for ice, and headed back to the campground. I got there at 12:01 pm. The ranger, Herman (what does that say that we know the park ranger by name???), said that I was right on time to check in. What???? I was just planning to ask if we could park and sit in the shade to do school and have lunch while waiting until 2 pm to check in. Well, we did check in! We picked site 20, and it was great! No sooner than we had the tent pad cleared of sticks and pine cones and unfolded the tent to begin to set it up, the second site was gone!

This was the first time I had gone by myself to set up camp. It really wasn't too bad. The kids played, or helped while I set up the tent. They helped with getting the bedding out and prepared. We even had time for school. There is a lot to be said for having school outside around a picnic table. I think we'll have to do that more often!

The weekend was a lot of fun. It was hot, but there was a breeze most of the time. On Saturday for lunch, we ventured to New Waverly to eat at the "pink donkey" as our friends called it (I think it was actually called Burro Express) for some excellent Mexican food. If you are ever in the area, I would recommend it! We enjoyed visiting with our friends! We have planned another trip with them in October. It will be a blast I am sure!