Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let Me Show You

This morning as my sweet children were finishing breakfast, Princess TD was looking out the window admiring a "baby" bird. Little TD wanted to see and made a loud noise which scared the bird away. They began discussing where birds live, and then Princess TD said, "Let me show you." I was wondering what she was going to do, so I tiptoed around the other way into the kitchen to grab the camera, and watched.

A few years ago, we participated in a preschool file folder game swap. I want to say that it was around the time that Little TD was born. We got some good games, and some not so good games, but we definitely have some favorites. The first one we received was one that had you match an animal to their home. This is the one that Princess TD pulled out this morning! We haven't used these in a very long time! I was impressed she remembered, but she began teaching Little TD what she knew about the animals and where they lived.

When she got to the frog, she retold parts of the story The Adventures of Grandfather Frog that we read for school.
It is days like today that I am encouraged that homeschooling is the right thing for our family!

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Anonymous said...

That is the most precious story! Doesn't it just make your heart all warm and fuzzy? I think I would have shed a little tear while a proud smile was on my face!