Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat

We had a great night with some great friends last night.  We had a blast trick or treating and visiting.

Here is Princess TD as a bumblebee and Little TD as a Jedi.  It varied which Jedi he said he was, so I am still not sure which one he is here.


Little TD’s light saber actually lights up!  He loved that!  It reminds me of one day when I was home sick when Episode IV first came out way back when.  I was staying with my Grandma Siler for the day and she had to run to Stix, Baer and Fuller.  When we came up the escalator right at the top when we got off was a man dressed as Darth Vader complete with a lighted light saber.  He activated his light saber and then turned and spoke to me (all in the matter of a second or two) and I screamed!  It was very funny, but I was terrified at the time!  I have been watching for the return of the light up light sabers for Little TD.  I couldn’t believe they would deprive this generation of kids the cool stuff we had available as kids.  That was the most costly part of his costume this year, but he loves it!