Monday, December 21, 2009

Every Day is a School Day

Even on picture day! Every place we go there is some kind of opportunity to learn. This picture was taken as I was explaining to them the difference between the dam at the lake where we take our boat and the kind of dam that a beaver builds. This was closer to what a beaver would build, but I am not sure that is what it is actually supposed to be. It made for an interesting conversation though! And now they can tell you the difference between the dam at Lake Conroe, and the kind of dams beavers build!

This is just proof that every time we are somewhere and they show an interest we have least to the best of my ability right off the top of my head!
Thanks again Kimberly for a wonderful photo session!

Friday, December 18, 2009 pictures!

I have been putting off getting pictures taken of the kids for a couple of reasons. First, I really didn't want your typical studio posed shots. They are both outside kids, so it just fits with me that we should do pictures outside. Second, I kept hearing that our homeschool group was going to have school pictures at a park, and I could do pictures that way. Well, I never actually heard of a date for that so it obviously never happened!

I was lamenting to my friend, Mrs. C, that I didn't have recent pictures of the kids and I didn't want to fight the crowds for the one guy at the most popular local studio that I will allow to take my kids pictures. She suggested that I contact Kimberly with Robbins photography & design. Am I ever glad I did! I have known Kimberly for a while, but didn't realize that she was such a talented photographer. Click here to see a few of the pictures she took. She really was able to capture their personalities. I am looking forward to having their bright shining (more grown-up) faces on my wall!

For the family (or friends) who might want some of these, let me know and I will share all of them with you and let you pick your favorites!

Little TD is growing up!

My sweet and precious little baby boy is growing up so fast! He recently celebrated his 4th birthday! I just can't believe it has been 4 years since he was born. He has the best energy and the sweetest heart. Happy 4th Birthday Little TD! We love you!!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pictures with Santa

We made our annual trek to visit Santa yesterday.

Princess TD was afraid to talk to him again this year, which is why they are standing in front of him instead of sitting in his lap. She was amazed when he came to talk to her and knew her name. She then decided she was on his "list" and then told him what she wanted for Christmas. I had her cut her wish list down to 4 items: a little Ariel baby, pink Trio blocks, a bike, and a keyboard.

Little TD was so excited, he couldn't wait to tell Santa what he wanted. His only request was for a 2-wheeled scooter, which he mentioned at least 4 times that I could hear. He also added that he would like the water cars that change color, Trio blocks, and a guitar.

I find it funny that they both asked for the Trio blocks and musical instruments. We received a small sample of the blocks as a free gift in a package that was shipped directly to Little TD for his birthday. It seems that it was a big hit in our house! For the instruments, I guess I need to do a little more for music lessons in our school!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Giving Thanks

We had a wonderful, quiet Thanksgiving holiday at home. The highlights of our weekend were our meal on Thursday and playing at the park on Friday.

I have received many funny looks and comments over the years about how I cook a turkey, but trust me, it is always delicious! Grandpa Forney always cooked the turkey this way, and it was never dry, so I have adopted this and use it in our family. The turkey is always stuffed with turkey stuffing, the skin is rubbed with butter, and it is slow cooked in a paper bag. Yes, that's right a paper bag. No, it doesn't catch on fire, even in a gas oven. It is always tender and juicy and looks beautiful. I have included a picture for proof.

Our table was set with my Grandma Ruff's china and silver. The table was beautiful. A good friend made fun of me a few years ago when they came over for Thanksgiving dinner because I used my grandmas china and silver, but used disposable cups. She said my table needed crystal. Well, since I didn't register for those things when we married (I didn't think I would "need" them), I didn't have any crystal. My mom took that as her idea for Christmas for our family and over the next few years, completed a set of water goblets and smaller glasses for the kids. Now, Mrs. C, I have the perfect table set up!

Here are some pictures of our day and our trip to the park:

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It seems Princess TD is more like her mom than previously thought! When I was close to her age, my aunt and uncle took me to one of the water slide parks that was built into the side of a hill. My uncle, now known as Uncle H-E-(r)B (after the new grocery store by our house), carried the rubber mat up the hill EVERY time I wanted to go back up, which from what I remember (and have been told) was A LOT! It seems that Princess TD loves riding her scooter DOWN the hill, but not back up...I am pretty sure I know where THAT came from! But unlike my sweet uncle, I was not going to be talked into carrying her scooter back up the hill for her! The last picture of her on the slide show, is her expression after I told her I wouldn't help her carry it back up! She managed to do it just fine without my help!