Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Giving Thanks

We had a wonderful, quiet Thanksgiving holiday at home. The highlights of our weekend were our meal on Thursday and playing at the park on Friday.

I have received many funny looks and comments over the years about how I cook a turkey, but trust me, it is always delicious! Grandpa Forney always cooked the turkey this way, and it was never dry, so I have adopted this and use it in our family. The turkey is always stuffed with turkey stuffing, the skin is rubbed with butter, and it is slow cooked in a paper bag. Yes, that's right a paper bag. No, it doesn't catch on fire, even in a gas oven. It is always tender and juicy and looks beautiful. I have included a picture for proof.

Our table was set with my Grandma Ruff's china and silver. The table was beautiful. A good friend made fun of me a few years ago when they came over for Thanksgiving dinner because I used my grandmas china and silver, but used disposable cups. She said my table needed crystal. Well, since I didn't register for those things when we married (I didn't think I would "need" them), I didn't have any crystal. My mom took that as her idea for Christmas for our family and over the next few years, completed a set of water goblets and smaller glasses for the kids. Now, Mrs. C, I have the perfect table set up!

Here are some pictures of our day and our trip to the park:

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It seems Princess TD is more like her mom than previously thought! When I was close to her age, my aunt and uncle took me to one of the water slide parks that was built into the side of a hill. My uncle, now known as Uncle H-E-(r)B (after the new grocery store by our house), carried the rubber mat up the hill EVERY time I wanted to go back up, which from what I remember (and have been told) was A LOT! It seems that Princess TD loves riding her scooter DOWN the hill, but not back up...I am pretty sure I know where THAT came from! But unlike my sweet uncle, I was not going to be talked into carrying her scooter back up the hill for her! The last picture of her on the slide show, is her expression after I told her I wouldn't help her carry it back up! She managed to do it just fine without my help!

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