Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just a Thought...

So, there are at least 3 of us in our young moms group at church who are having birthdays this week. One is 20 something, one is 30 something, and one is moving on to that age that we used to think was old (gee, I wonder who that might be?!?). We were talking after bible class this morning and the 20 something mom told me that I don't look THAT old. Well I don't feel that old. I am not sure how old I feel, but certainly not old enough to say I am THAT old.

My sweet sister and her family gave me a perpetual calendar for Christmas. I didn't check it before I left this morning, but I did check it this evening as I was cooking dinner. The quote for today was:

"You are not old unless you get wrinkles in your heart."

I will leave you with that thought and hope it cheers you if you are feeling old!

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