Monday, August 18, 2008

School Update

So, we are embarking on our 3rd week of official Kindergarten. I think we have found a good mix of reading, games, and activities. Today she told me that her favorite subjects were math and Reddy Fox (her read-a-loud).

Last week we did a mini-unit study on the Olympics. It was a lot of fun and a good friend of mine brought me her pictures of her trip to Greece. We are now extending the study to include a bit of world geography and Olympic history. Her favorite events have been women's gymnastics and springboard diving. Although she likes all of the diving, springboard is her favorite because they are "bouncy" when they jump. We are keeping track of the medal count for China and the USA and she is doing well with the complex math skill of figuring out how many to add to what we have to make the total!

For Little TD, I have organized my preschool stuff again and started working on the Prep curriculum for Letter of the Week. This is the program I used for Princess TD for preschool when she was 3.5 years old, except I started with Letter of the Week. He seems to be enjoying it. We are working on colors, shape recognition, letter recognition and sound, and numbers. He can count easily to 15 and knows the Alphabet Song. We are still not sure if he is playing with us on his colors or if he might be color blind. I think he's playing with us, but time will tell for sure.

Today I received a distinguished honor from my students. I got a sticker for being the best teacher and mommy ever! I feel so honored!

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