Monday, August 4, 2008

First Day of School

Today was "officially" the first day of Kindergarten for Princess TD. We began in the afternoon because we had her 5 year old well child check-up this morning. For those keeping track, she is 47 3/8" tall and weighs 58 lbs 6 oz. She is 6" taller than the average 5 year old girl, which is completely obvious if you see her with her friends! Dr. F was completely amazed at both kiddos. He went on and on about how well behaved they were and how intellegent they were (at least we have someone fooled :) ). He spent a good 20 minutes talking with both kids - very amazed that we are a "well" family (i.e. we don't go in often for sick visits). He was even very supportive of our decision to homeschool. He asked Princess TD if she was nervous about starting school, she very confidently said no and then stated that her Mommy was going to teach her at home. All in all, it was a great visit. She is perfectly healthy and growing as she should.

Ok, back from my "rabbit trail" to the first day of school. I started thinking this week about the pictures my Mom took of me on my first days of school, so I decided to take some of Princess TD so that she would have a remembrance of this special day. (Ok, it's really not much different from any other day since she was 2, other than the new curriculum, but it's Kindergarten!) So here's my princess on her first day of official school:

Overall the first day's lesson went well. It took about 2 hours with several interruptions from Little TD. I discovered that I need to spread out the read aloud parts, both for her listening and my voice. The math was the fastest subject, and she's just like me...if she doesn't do it right the first time, she doesn't want to try again. I will need to work on finding a way to encourage her to try again.

Little TD played with his trains and cars while we did school. For the most part, he did great. He needed a little attention for his needs and sat in on a couple of our read-alouds. Later in the evening, he brought me a coloring sheet from church with Princess TD's Memory Verse on it, and said, "Help Mommy. I can't read the words." He then pulled about a dozen books off the shelf and we had our own little "preschool" there. We'll see how the rest of the week goes, but I may need to work on his preschool curriculum. Oh, and I couldn't do a picture of Sissy without one of him, so here's Little TD on Princess TD's first day of school:

What a ham he is! You gotta love that grin!

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Anonymous said...

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