Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Sew" That's What's Happening!

Yes, we have been sewing!!! Princess TD had decided that she wants to learn to sew. When we went to the homeschool convention at the beginning of June, Princess TD saw a vendor that had a book on how to sew doll clothes. I bought the book, and the pillowcase kit for her to do. Well, she has been bugging me every day since then to do her "sewing school." I finally gave in, and have recruited reinforcements (aka Grammie) for future lessons.

Here she is making her pillowcase:

And the finished product!

We got a kid sized table from one of our neighbors after their daughter outgrew it. We have had it on our back porch, but at the request of Princess TD, we cleaned it up and put it in her room for a tea party table. She wanted a table cloth to use that had so many specific requests, no mortal mom could accommodate them. So, after our first VBS, we visited Interior Fabrics and found some fabric that she LOVED for her room. So, mom went into design mode to make a table cloth that resembled a flower when lain out on the floor. I think it needs some girly bling, but here it is:

Oh, and did I mention it's reversible?

And here it is all set up with tea for the bears!

Even though she looks so grown up, she's still a little girl at heart!

And for the final project of the week, a window seat! Mr. TD has wanted a covered cushion for the box window in our kitchen. I finally found a zipper foot that would fit my machine, so I was able to make the coordinating cording that he wanted. (He's really not that into decorating, he just wanted a cushion to match the valances.) I had bought fabric to make the valances, but ended up finding them much cheaper in a store. I ended up just making the one for our door. I didn't have enough fabric to make the cushion and match the plaid, so I was on the search for something that would coordinate. My good friend JSue was looking for fabric too, so we took the opportunity to shop the fabric stores sans kids (except Carter) while the kids were at VBS. She's still looking, but I found what I wanted. Here's the finished product!

Now, if I could only find fabric for the living and dining room curtains.


ErinKH said...

I'm so impressed with her pillowcase, and I can't wait to see the doll fashion show. I remember my first pillowcase :) now, I'm just a crazy non-pattern seamstress ( I should probably use that word loosely). I guess I'm a sewing renegade :) Oh, and the tablecloth is perfect. Reversible? You outdid yourself!

Trudy Callan said...

Great blog. You daughter did an awesome job on the pillowcase. And I love that tablecloth.



Greta said...

I am so jealous! I finally finished a dress for Zoey - my first "wearable" project. It came out okay. I'm loving the pillowcase and tablecloth (and so impressed you covered the window seat). Kudos to you and Princess!

Dianne said...

I can say that Grandma is proud!! :) Great job on the pillowcase and table cloth! I have a sewing machine that we given to me 1 week before Sally was born. My Mom wonders why I have not used it yet! Well.....

I got a good chuckle with the word "lain." Matt and I have discussed the various past tenses of "lay" and mentioned that we never see "lain" used!! Will have to show him your blog! Good work! :)