Saturday, March 1, 2008

We've been busy...

We had a suprise visit from Grammie last week. It was fun to visit with her and to have her here for a week. We were able to get Mrs. TD and Little TD a late birthday gift from Grammie. He chose a 3-wheeled scooter like Princess TD's (sort of). He got the hang of it right away. Mrs. TD chose clothes and bargain clothes at that! You gotta love a great sale!

Here's Princess TD & Little TD practicing their scooters in the grass. Princess TD is just thrilled that Mrs. TD made her dress and matching headband! (No, I am really not that's from Jo Ann's!) You gotta love the leg kicks!

Here's more of the scooter kids!

We took Grammie to our church playgroup trip to the HMNS Butterfly Exhibit. Little TD and Mrs. TD got to see a butterfly emerge from his chrysalis. Princess TD was busy matching bugs, so she missed it. They did have a good time chasing the butterflies around the trails. Here they are as we were leaving the butterflies.

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