Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Project

This post is for the Senior Engineer who assisted, by phone, in this project!

This past weekend, Mr. TD went to wash his hands at the kitchen sink and the lever to the faucet broke off. This was Saturday afternoon, and he was leaving town on Monday....we definately had a time limit on this repair project.

Anyway, our neighbor was kind enough to help us out by supplying us with a shiny new faucet from the plumbing supply store where he works, at his cost. We were able to purchase a nice new faucet and get it installed on Sunday. It was a realatively easy fix, at least as far as our repair projects have gone. It only took about 2 hours and 1 call to the Sr. Engineer! So here it is:

I can only hope that this is not the beginning of all of the original fixtures breaking in our home.

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ErinKH said...

I'm sure it was a pain to replace, but isn't it a little nice when something old breaks beyond repair and YOU get to pick out a shiny new one :) Thanks for the comment on my blog! I enjoyed reading about a little of your life. By the way, your kids are gorgeous!