Thursday, November 8, 2007

Jesse and Woody

Well, we had a visit from Jesse and Woody of Toy Story 2 fame on Oct 31. Here are some shots of them as they visited both at home and at church.

Jesse, aka Princess TD, posing in the yard.
Woody, aka Little TD, riding his trusty steed, Bullseye.

The two posing together in front of the church. It took a very long time to get them to agree to stand next to each other AND look at the camera, or at least sort of in the direction of the camera!

And, guess who we ran into there.....

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck!!

It was a Disney reunion there. We saw many of the Disney characters that night, including all of the Princesses. We really had a great time for Halloween. They collected candy at the church and then we went trick-or-treating with our neighbor across the street. He is just 10 months younger than Princess TD, so they had a blast together. We didn't get home and to bed until after 9 pm. We were all very tired the next day! A great time was had by all, but sorry to say that Mr. TD missed it all. He was in Florida...there's always next year!

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