Friday, May 16, 2008

The Fuzzy Little Caterpillar...

At church, Princess TD and Little TD sing an adorable little song about the fuzzy little caterpillar and that is what we found in the backyard today! So, of course we had to sing the song. After the song, we talked about what the caterpillar eats and how it turns into a butterfly. After we had this mini-lesson, we left the caterpillar alone with the two of them. Unfortunately, I am not so sure that this caterpillar will ever make it to a butterfly. It hasn't moved since we took this picture!

Thursday, I took Princess TD to get her hair cut. I took her to a salon with experienced stylists to avoid getting all of her hair chopped off, and to get her a cute style for her age and hair. We cut it just past her shoulder at first and then stopped to let her look at it. She again decided that she wanted it all off, and the stylist was able to convince her to trust her and cut it in the cute bob (which is longer than she wanted it to be). There are a couple of spots where her hair is shorter than the rest, but she did a great job of blending it in. Here's how it looks!

And, we couldn't have a post without an updated pic of Little TD. So here he is! He's getting so big. I just can't believe how fast they are both growing!

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